SURA Asset Management is strongly focused on its corporate principles and sound ethical values. This is reflected in everything that the organization and its employees do, thus building honest and transparent relations with various stakeholders. 

SURA Asset Management understands corporate responsibility as a way of doing business, which reinforces its commitment to sustainable development and respect for the environment. All within a framework of ethical and responsible actions based on its corporate principles which are the pillars on which every member of the company and its affiliated entities base their actions.​

Within this framework, the ongoing relations with stakeholders (shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers, environment, and regulators) is another focus on which the way to define and live corporate responsibility is built, in an effort to build sound and reliable relations.

Sustainability strategy

  • With a focus on the client, guaranteeing an offer of relevant value for each moment of life, which promotes the correct decision making.
  • With a participation in public dynamics, to promise the stability and permanence of business.
  • That promotes knowledge and inclusion, opening paths for savings through the generation of skills. 
  • That includes economic, social and environmental criteria in investment decisions, encouraging the implementation of good management practices to generate value for people, organizations and society.
estrategia de sostenibilidad

Sustainability narrative

In SURA Asset Management we understand sustainability as the permanent building of trust with people and companies, achieving long-term relationships that allow us to grow together.

  • We take care of resources: Analyzing our investment decisions, guaranteeing the care of the environment and the development of society. 
  • We create capacities for development: Promoting knowledge and opening paths for growth through the generation of skills and competencies.
  • Contributing to the strengthening of institutionality: With an active participation in public dynamics to contribute to the construction of a better society. 


Following the directives issued byGrupo SURA, SURA Asset Management has defined general guidelines for its everyday business actions. Its corporate responsibility is based on the sustainable development model that uses good economic, social, and environmental practices.

Within this framework, the company has defined a set of corporate responsibility guidelines and actions that are part of its strategy, and the company has made commitments to the environment and the community. This is because the company is convinced that socially responsible management helps the company’s activities be viable in the short, medium, and long terms. 

Sustainable commitment



A strong commitment to responsible management is felt in the economic area and in the relationship with each stakeholder with which SURA Asset Management relates in the six markets where it operates.

This commitment is aligned with the directives set up by Grupo SURA to make a direct contribution to sustainable development.

Adopting good practices in all areas of corporate responsibility is a commitment for SURA Asset Management that is intended to build strong, lasting relationships with its stakeholders.

At SURA Asset Management, working in line with sustainability directives makes us constantly review what we do, to recognize good practices, to establish plans for improvement, and establish goals as an organization. The purpose is to strengthen the Company’s activities and to contribute to the communities of which they are part.


Statement of sustainability

SURA Asset Management focuses its efforts on becoming a leader in the areas of Pensions, Savings, and Investments. The company recognizes the importance of working with a long-term outlook which favors ethical management, and commitment to sustainable development, having innovation and risk and opportunity management as key pillars. Its presence in Latin America motivates the Company to act as a relevant actor in the development processes of its affiliates as a key factor for sustainability.  


SURA asset management sustainability model and strategy

A lot of work was done in SURA Asset Management in the area of sustainability during 2013: a sustainability diagnostic that sets the basis for defining the model. This made it possible to define the corporate model, statement, and strategy in this respect, and thus to be able to fully integrate the model within the Company’s activities. This initiative, which took place between August and December 2013, involved the six countries where the Company is present and was led by a regional team with support from the local Corporate Responsibility leaders. According to the diagnostics carried out using information analysis and interviews with internal and external stakeholders, it was possible to define a common approach to reconcile the implementation of a sustainable business strategy, and the regional expansion and positioning challenges. This led to the definition of the Sustainability Model that sets forth Grupo SURA’s guidelines and SURA Asset Management’s Mission and Vision, and the four Corporate Principles: Equality, Respect, Transparency, and Responsibility. These key values represent the foundation of each Company action and the Company Culture. In addition, they rest on two fundamental characteristics for sustainability of the business: innovation, and risk management, to responds to the client’s needs throughout their life cycle. The second is the frame of action that helps strengthen the decision-making process, with an on-going evaluation of opportunities and threats to its operations.  

Good Corporate Governance

  1. Ethical management: administration of conflicts of interest anti-fraud and anti-corruption policies.
  2. Monitoring and monitoring compliance with regulations, policies, commitments and voluntary adhesions.
  3. High business standards.
  4. Framework for action with our interest group.
  5. Social, economic and environmental commitment.

Culture and Human Resource management

  1. Attraction and retention of human talent.
  2. Compensation and Benefits.
  3. Health and Wellness.
  4. Human capital development management.
  5. Performance management.
  6. Communication and culture.
  7. Climate and change management.
  8. Knowledge management and organizational learning.

Institutional relations and projection

  1. Generation of value to interest groups, promoting sustainable development in countries
  2. Brand strategy and reputation management.
  3. Promotion of social development initiatives that generate value for both the organization and the community.
  4. Strengthening corporate volunteering.
  5. Participation in the development of good practices with suppliers as strategic allies.

Value creation for the client

  1. Listen and understand customer need.
  2. Advise with membership according to the life cycle of our clients.
  3. Deliver a comprehensive product offer.
  4. Develop the culture of savings.

Care for the environment

  1. Rational use of natural resources in the operation of our businesses.
  2. Inclusion of environmental criteria in investment decisions.
  3. Promotion of the culture of care of natural resources in our interest group.
  4. Monitoring of the environmental performance of businesses.
  5. Development of a corporate strategy against climate change.

Responsible investment

  1. Optimization of the profitability / risk balance of the managed portfolios.
  2. Evaluation of environmental, social and Corporate Governance criteria in growth opportunities and investment portfolios.
  3. Contributes to the development of the capital market.
  4. Promotion of good practices in responsible investment.


SURA Asset Management’s Corporate principles —Respect, equality, responsibility, and transparency— are the framework for the company’s actions and the basis for the trust with its clients, employees, suppliers, regulators, community, and the environment.

Communications with clients are key for the business. This is why SURA Asset Management is constantly working to improve the channels through which this relationship is reinforced day after day. The use of new technologies to facilitate access to information of interest to its clients is vitally important for the company to strengthen its relations with them for the long term.


Improving its employees’ quality of life is a permanent commitment. This is why SURA Asset Management is always ready to adopt better practices and conditions to increase employee satisfaction and, at the same time, achieve a balance between work and personal life. Using education benefits and initiatives, the company promotes training and improvement of company members with the understanding that this will be reflected in wellbeing for the business and for each employee


SURA Asset Management asume una abierta y directa relación con sus reguladores, sustentada en sus principios corporativos, que rigen también la relación con accionistas, clientes, colaboradores y grupos de interés, incluidos los organismos reguladores.Así, la Compañía responde directamente a las inquietudes y consultas de la autoridad. Además, cuenta con una estructura de Gobierno Corporativo que avala su gestión.


SURA Asset Management recognizes its suppliers as strategic allies to carry out its activities in each market where it operates. In this respect, the Company is aware that the success it has achieved is due to the ongoing efforts of many people. Suppliers and their employees play a fundamental role in establishing permanent cooperation alliances for joint growth.


For SURA Asset Management, respect and care for the environment are two of the mainstays of its vision of corporate sustainability and responsibility towards future generations. To this end, the Company, its affiliates and related companies are constantly implementing specific activities to create awareness among their employees, their suppliers, and the community, on environmental issues and thus help reduce the environmental impact. ​ ​


By creating knowledge and supporting social initiatives, SURA Asset Management has participated in the development of our community. The implementation of programs and plans focused on school education in each country where the company operates, is one of the fundamental pillars for working with the environment.

Stakeholder relations policy


Programs and communities

​The companies in Chile, México, Perú and Uruguay are part of the UN’s Global Compact. This ratifies SURA Asset Management’s commitment to responsible management, aligning strategies and good business practices that relate to the Ten Principles set forth by the UN in terms of Human Rights, work relations, the environment, and anticorruption principles.