More than 40% of eligible projects aligned with SURA Challenge

More than 40% of eligible projects aligned with SURA Challenge

Nearly one thousand eligible projects, belonging to 2,936 applicants from 10 countries in the region, received the Jump Chile 2018 call. This is the largest university entrepreneurship program in Latin America and is promoted by the UC Innovation Center and supported by SURA Asset Management Chile.

This is the second consecutive year for SURA Challenge to participate in this initiative which seeks to promote the development of solutions focused on improving the quality of life of the elderly in the areas of health, infrastructure, entertainment, transportation, work and mobility, among others. In this opportunity, 41% out of the total admissible applications corresponds to this category, showing the interest generated by such topics.

"Chile is aging rapidly and, therefore, all efforts intended to improve the quality of life of senior citizens become more relevant, and that is precisely what we wanted to highlight in this SURA challenge. In this sense, we are proud that young people have taken this challenge for this version of Jump," said Francisco Murillo, CEO of SURA Asset Management Chile.
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About Jump Chile

The initiative invites graduate and post-graduate students from all higher education institutions in the country and Latin America to "jump in" and identify & undertake a problem or opportunity with scalability potential, which can be at a local, regional or country level.

The program will give $45 million in prizes among 12 winners, in addition to services valued at $11 million as work spaces at the Ruta5 coworking (innovation center), the possibility of participating in the International Business Model Competition or in a Technical Tour with ProChile, in addition to grant a Fast Track to IncubaUC programs.

In the coming months, Jump Chile will conduct methodological workshops in the 15 regions of the country along with sharing online capsules so that teams from other countries - and those who cannot access face-to-face workshops - can work. This material is based on different methodologies of innovation and entrepreneurship, such as Lean StartUp, Customer Development, Design Thinking, Business Model and Need finding, among others.

About SURA Asset Management Chile

SURA Asset Management Chile is part of the Latin SURA Asset Management company, present in six countries in the region. In Chile, it operates in the market of mutual funds, life insurance, stocks and the pension industry through AFP Capital, totaling USD 27.9 billion in AUM owned by 2 million customers.

About SURA Asset Management

SURA Asset Management is a subsidiary of SURA Group, expert in Pensions, Asset Management, Savings and Investments and present in Mexico, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay and El Salvador. As of December 2017, SURA Asset Management’s AUM amounts to USD$134.9 billion owned by 18.8 million customers.

* Customers and AUM include AFP Protection in Colombia and AFP Crecer in El Salvador, although not controlled companies, SURA AM has a significant stake.