SURA Investment Management launches its new financial liquidity solution for companies, through purchasing real estate

SURA Investment Management launches its new financial liquidity solution for companies, through purchasing real estate

•    This investment solution, to which a total of USD 200 million has already been allocated, is to be deployed in both Colombia and Peru.
•    SURA Investment Management continues to support the region’s economic recovery and reactivation with its different initiatives.

SURA Investment Management, a subsidiary of SURA Asset Management well versed in providing its investment management services for institutional clients, has launched, on its real estate platform, a new solution for companies in Colombia and Peru, the purpose of which is to provide immediate liquidity by purchasing real estate and offering lease-back agreements on the property thus purchased. 

This real estate solution, aimed at providing support to companies tackling the challenges of the current crisis, enables the owner of a property to sell their asset and simultaneously sign a lease-back agreement so as to be able to continue occupying said property As an alternative option, this solution shall have the possibility of including an option to buy back the asset at the end of the lease period. 

In this regard, Andrés Alvarado, Head of Real Estate at SURA Investment Management stated: "We understand and acknowledge our responsibility as key players in being able to revive the region’s economy given the current circumstances. Here we have been working on implementing real estate strategies that provide real solutions for companies to deal with their liquidity and cash flow problems, thereby facilitating their solvency.

This strategy shall allow the seller to obtain liquidity with their operating and non-operating assets, while conserving the use of such property all this without incurring in any debt and being able to improve their financial statements. In this way they shall be able to put their resources to greater use, creating greater value for their core lines of business, all while continuing to operate as normal. 

This investment would be made through the following real estate funds: Fondo de Inversión Colectiva Inmobiliario SURA AM Rentas Inmobiliarias (FICI) in Colombia and, Fondo de Inversión en Renta de Bienes Inmuebles SURA AM II (FIRBI II) in Peru. 

SURA Investment Management's real estate platform is fast becoming quite unique throughout the region, managing 10 funds as well as investor mandates governing real estate assets worth almost USD 800 million and a capital under management of nearly USD 500 million, in leasing and development strategies, the latter for leasing purposes, consisting of more than 40 properties and 210 thousand square meters of leasable area currently in operation.