SURA, Transelec and VTR launch unprecedented initiative to share car trips and help decrease to traffic congestion

SURA, Transelec and VTR launch unprecedented initiative to share car trips and help decrease to traffic congestion

SURA, Transelec and VTR, three neighboring companies in Las Condes, joined in an unprecedented alliance of Carpooling under a common goal: to help reduce traffic congestion, emissions from CO2 and strengthen its environmental commitment.

Consequently, they developed a closed collaborative community that, through the Súbete application, coordinates trips and routes so that the workers of the participating companies commute to work.
SURA, Transelec and VTR, whose offices are located in the Nueva Apoquindo complex of Las Condes, decided to join in a technological solution that allows their more than 4,500 employees, who are distributed in three 22-story towers each, can commute to work every day

Súbete is a system of carpooling based on an application for smartphones, which can only be accessed privately by the collaborators of this inter-company network. Those who drive to or from work can load their routes on the application and offer available seats in their vehicle. On the other hand, employees who do not drive to work can then access those available seats and take advantage of the trip.

Las Condes Mayor, Joaquin Lavín, was present when Súbete application was launched. "The initiative of these three companies is a concrete action to generate a contribution to the environment, which shows that the private sector has much to deliver to improve the quality of life of the community. It is a simple and innovative proposal of shared trips and there is no doubt that, when we talk about 4,500 workers involved, it will have a very positive effect on mobility and congestion reduction plans in the community "said Lavín.

Francisco Murillo, CEO of SURA Asset Managament Chile, stressed that "collaborative initiatives such as this, generate a significant impact on the environment and the quality of life of employees, in addition to strengthening the role and commitment of companies with the community. Hopefully more companies will be motivated to generate alliances of this type, which activate and promote actions towards a sustainable development of the city.

In turn, Andrés Kuhlmann, general manager of Transelec, explained that Súbete "allows us as companies to take actions which benefit the environment of our city. The consequences of the great traffic congestion we experience every day: pollution, traffic jams and stress. We want to be part of the solution and we can start with small measures such as carpooling to commute to work. Súbete is a sustainable initiative because it means a more efficient use of the car, which has a positive environmental impact by reducing CO2 emissions, and contributes to reduce the traffic congestion of the city."

Meanwhile, Guillermo Ponce, CEO of VTR, said that "for VTR, technology is available to improve the quality of life of people and an application like Súbete will have a positive impact on the daily commuting time by our employees. . It is a priority that all productive sectors begin to work in a much more collaborative way and above all in actions that are efficient in the use of resources and that are very necessary to contribute to the sustainability of our country. "

Through this application, commuting to work is more economical, sustainable and entertaining, since on the one hand it allows sharing a minimum rate of fuel costs associated with the trip; It contributes to sustainability by making a more efficient use of cars, with a positive environmental impact and making it possible to reduce both CO2 emissions and traffic congestion of the city.

Context information

Transelec, SURA and VTR offices are located at Nueva Apoquindo complex, a set of three towers with around 4,500 workers and about 15 other companies.
In May 2018, the restricción vehicular (restriction on traffic) started for vehicles older than September 1, 2011. This will entail that many people will have to make changes in their communing routine. Súbete is an excellent alternative to facilitate the change.

The collaborative culture fostered by technology is changing different areas of our social life, including how to transport ourselves 
Daily commuting from home to work is an increasingly major problem in large cities: only in Santiago, the Metropolitan Region, there are 4 and a half million cars, which directly impacts on traffic congestion, air pollution, urban planning and, above all, on the quality of life of people. Carpooling is a trend seeking to tackle this problem through a more efficient and socially responsible use of the vehicles.

About SURA Asset Management Chile

SURA Asset Management Chile is part of the Latin company SURA Asset Management, with presence in six countries of the region. In Chile, it operates in the mutual funds, life insurance, stocks markets and in the pension industry through AFP Capital, with AUM amounting to USD 46.2 billion owned by 1.8 million clients.    

About Transelec

Transelec is the leading power transmission company in Chile and transports power that illuminates the homes of 98% of the population living between Arica and Chiloé. Our responsibility is to ensure service quality for hundreds of cities and industries that are powered by the nearly 10 thousand kilometers of lines operated by Transelec between Arica and Chiloé.    

About VTR

VTR GlobalCom SpA (VTR) is the main operation of Liberty Latin America. It is the largest cable TV provider in Chile and is a leader in residential voice and broadband Internet services. VTR offers video services, broadband Internet and traditional telephone services with circuit and digital switching (VoIP) to 2.9 million service subscribers (RGU) represented by 1.4 million customers as of September 30, 2017. VTR is present in 45 cities in the country between Arica and Coyhaique. Its coaxial fiber cable network has been updated by 83% at bidirectional capacity, and 87% of cable homes have been served by a network with a bandwidth of at least 750 MHz.