SURA Investment Management and Sencorp are about to complete the construction of a new project destined to become an icon for sustainability in both Chile and throughout the region

SURA Investment Management and Sencorp are about to complete the construction of a new project destined to become an icon for sustainability in both Chile and throughout the region

•    Fondo de Inversión SURA AM Desarrollo Inmobiliario (The SURA AM Real Estate Development Investment Fund) is close to completing the building phase of its first ever asset, which shall serve as a point of reference in terms of its sustainability, architecture and technical characteristics in Santiago de Chile.

•    SURA Investment Management is fast consolidating its position in Latin America as one of the main players in the Real Estate industry through its commitment to constructing its property assets in a more sustainable manner. 

SURA Investment Management, a subsidiary of SURA Asset Management an expert player in investment management for institutional clients, in partnership with Sencorp, a real estate group with nearly 60 years of experience in cutting-edge solutions, announced the launch of the Nueva Cordova Building, which was built according to first-rate sustainable construction standards.

Since 2018, SURA Investment Management and Sencorp have been developing and marketing the Nueva Cordova Building. The property is strategically located on the corner of Cerro el Plomo and Alonso de Córdova, and forms an integral part of the pedestrian axis that runs along the Nueva las Condes Boulevard, and in the middle of four main roads that connect up with the entire city. The building is expected to be handed over in the first half of 2021 and shall offer 20,594 m2 of leasable office space and another 1,960 m2 of retail premises. Its design, in combination with the use of the latest technology, earned it the 2018 Real Estate Futurism Award. 

The building is currently obtaining its LEED SC Gold Certification, this based on its high technical standards specifically aimed at a more efficient use of resources (mainly energy) and the well-being of its users. Nueva Cordova is the first building in Chile with solar panels on its façade and built into its structure, which shall represent significant energy savings in common areas in the years to come, as well as prevent CO2 emissions corresponding to 190 tons per year. 

In this regard, Andrés Alvarado, Head of Real Estate at SURA Investment Management stated: "For SURA Investment Management, our firm commitment to providing well-being and sustainable development is a cross-cutting factor in our business strategy. In this sense, we are pleased to announce the construction of the Nueva Cordova Building as the embodiment of this vision, thereby ensuring the highest standards with our real estate projects".

"Nueva Cordova is an important milestone, it reflects our purpose to positively transform the lives of people as well as the city, to innovate and be at the forefront of inspiring change in the industry," said Alfonso Barroilhet, Sencorp's business development manager. 
In 2019, SURA Investment Management became a signatory of the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment), thereby declaring its commitment to continue incorporating environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria in its investment analyses and decision-making processes. 

For SURA, sustainable investment is not only a strategy for furthering its competitiveness, but also a way to create added value and leverage the region's development. Introducing sustainability principles in our investment processes is a tool for better managing the risks and opportunities that impact investment portfolios in general; and from the standpoint of real estate investments, it is an opportunity to help create more sustainable ways of inhabiting living spaces, in balance with both the environment and society in general.