Proteccion launches 100% online pension registration services

Proteccion launches 100% online pension registration services

Understanding the digitalization and agility challenges currently expected by users in all of their experiences, Proteccion has introduced 100% online pension registration services.

These services – effective June 27, 2019 – enable first-time Mandatory Pension registrations in just a few minutes, without requiring any visits to Protection branches and with no in-person operators.

Youngsters, who are just entering the labor market; the self-employed, who is not paying pension contributions yet; and small enterprises that continuously generate jobs, will benefit the most from these services.

Proteccion plans to use in the future this digital platform for other savings and investment products.

This innovation leverages the technology provided to customers by Proteccion aiming to improve their experience and make it easier for customers to build up today their future savings. 

Medellin, July 2, 2019. In this digital era and in line with the transformation and innovation trends, AFP Proteccion introduces the new 100% online services that will allow users to register in the Mandatory Pension system for the first time by following just four steps that will take only a few minutes on or the company’s social media. 

This innovation leverages the technology provided to customers by Proteccion, as part of the entity’s transformation process, aiming to improve their experience and make it easier for customers to build up today their savings of tomorrow. 

“We live in a world where we can do lots of things through our mobiles: place an order for delivery, get airline tickets for the Holidays, and pay our credit cards. Why can’t I register and start saving for my pension as well just using my phone? This question led us to develop these services. Our challenge was to make it simple, based on the rationale behind the use of the Internet today. This is why we started to work to co-create with and for our customers, whom we would like to have a customer experience increasingly according to their needs and lifestyles. The outcome: Services in which pension registrations are fully completed without visiting any branch or signing the usual forms”, said Juan David Correa, Proteccion’s CEO.

These online registration services mean the evolution of paperless forms registration services already implemented by Proteccion’s team of advisors, who are experts in pensions, and which are also in line with the customer experience improvement and process digitalization purpose. 

Easy access and improved customer experience through digital platforms have shown to increase the service and product acquisition rates on the website. This is why the company expects to get more people to build up their pension savings using these services and, based on this, to get users to continue to use the entire service ecosystem and digital channels developed by the company to get closer to users, e.g., the online advisor, Pronto, the app, and all of the operation services that now make pensions, severance pay funds and investments easier by visiting

“Today, over 87% of operations carried out by our customers at Proteccion don’t require customers to come to our branches, or we provide 700k/year through Pronto, our online advisor. These 100% online registration services show that we keep adapting to this reality as required by the market and this world today”, stressed Proteccion’s CEO, Juan David Correa.

About Proteccion 
Proteccion S.A. is a company that specializes in savings and investment. It has over 28 years of experience in resource management, with COP 100+ trillion from 7+ million customers into Mandatory and Voluntary Pension funds, and Severance Pay funds, and 56,000 pensioners.

The Company has gone beyond its category, revitalizing the business approach to mandatory pension and severance pay fund related asset management and taking it to the next level, which involves savings movements and management in order to become the ally of its stakeholders aiming to join them in making their dreams come true and building their future. 

The Company’s shareholders include: Sura Asset Management (49.36%), Caja Colombiana de Subsidio Familiar – Colsubsidio (16.41%), Bancolombia S.A. (10.68%), Fiduciaria Bancolombia S.A. (9.9%), Cornerstone LP (7.53%), among other minority shareholders (6.12%).