Hospital Dos de Mayo receives donation of medical equipment that will help double inpatient care for patients with Covid-19

Hospital Dos de Mayo receives donation of medical equipment that will help double inpatient care for patients with Covid-19

•    The donation of medical equipment will bolster the hospital’s medical response capacity and will allow to care for an additional 8 thousand patients hospitalized with COVID over the coming months. 
•    The donation was made by AFP Integra within the framework of the Hospital Strengthening Program promoted by ComexPerú.

Within the framework of the ComexPerú Hospital Strengthening Program, AFP Integra donated medical equipment valued at S/ 1 million to Hospital Dos de Mayo, in order to help bolster their capacity to continue responding appropriately to the emergency. 

The crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic has evidenced the enormous challenges that Peru still has in providing citizens with an efficient, timely and quality healthcare system. To face this reality, ComexPerú has designed the Hospital Strengthening Program which seeks to contribute from the private sector medical equipment to the country's main hospitals.

Among the equipment delivered, all of which are intended for ICU, emergency, hospital rooms, nephrology, and pediatrics, include 20 5-and-6-parameter monitors, which facilitate continuous monitoring of patients in the ICU; 40 portable pulse oximeters to measure oxygen saturation in tissues; and 17 2-channel infusion pumps for drug and solution delivery, among other high-complexity equipment. 

“To date, at Hospital Dos de Mayo we have treated 11,000 outpatients and 4,400 inpatients for COVID-19. This donation will allow us to care for an additional 8,000 hospitalized patients in the coming months,” said Dr. Rosario Kiyohara Okamoto, Director General of the hospital. She added that the pandemic has left many sequelae in patients, such as chronic lung disease, and cardiological and renal diseases, among others, so part of the donated equipment will serve to address this phase of this disease.

Juan Fernando Correa, president of ComexPerú, emphasized that “this donation is part of the Hospital Strengthening Program promoted by ComexPerú and is an example of the private sector's efforts to support the State in the fight against the pandemic. Our priority is to provide the country's main health facilities with medical equipment that contributes to their efforts to provide citizens with access to timely and quality healthcare services.”

For Aldo Ferrini, General Manager of AFP Integra, the private sector must join forces and continue to contribute to society, especially during this health emergency.  “At AFP Integra we continue to work under our commitment to contribute to the development of the country, helping to close the gaps of institutions such as the Hospital Dos de Mayo, which are at the forefront of this battle. The donation has followed a comprehensive process, during which the needs of the hospital were taken into consideration, in order to provide the necessary equipment to strengthen its medical capacity and to help it continue to work for the speedy recovery of patients," said the executive.