Children from Colombia's rural areas will benefit from bicycles delivered by Protección

Children from Colombia's rural areas will benefit from bicycles delivered by Protección

•   Just by updating Protección's client details, affiliates contribute to hundreds of children from different Colombian rural areas receive a bicycle, allowing them to travel to their educational institution in less time.
•    The goal is to reach one million people out of PFA's nearly 7 million customers.
•    With this initiative, Protección, hand in hand with the Corporación Correcaminos, will deliver bicycles to children in rural areas that take about two hours to reach their educational institutions.

Medellín, February 18, 2019. In Colombia, there are more than 35,000 educational institutions in rural areas according to figures from the Ministry of Education, where long journeys to get to class are one of the realities that thousands of children face every day. Students take between 1 to 3 hours to arrive, as they live in places far away from their institution. In order to enable a better quality of life for this population; Protección is committed to its data update campaign, seeking not only to know its customers better but also, give a donation to Colombian small rural areas in their name.

"In Protección we know that our management does not only have a direct impact on the administration of our clients' resources. Our goal as a Company is also to contribute in the country's transformation, and more importantly, education in different regions of Colombia. With this initiative we seek, hand in hand with our customers, to be enablers of dreams and transform the lives of hundreds of children, donating them bicycles to reduce the daily long journeys required to reach their place of study," said Juan David Correa, President of Protección. 

In order to reach the goal, it's expected that out of 7 million members currently affiliated to Protección, one million people update their data. To do this, simply log on to and share your ID number, full name, email address, and cell phone number.  To date, more than 380 thousand people have joined the cause. This campaign will be active throughout 2019.

Liliana Yamile Sánchez, who will be one of the project's beneficiaries, currently takes almost 40 minutes to reach her Santa Ana Educational Institution in the municipality of San Vicente - Oriente de Antioquia. Know her story in the following video by clicking on the image

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