AFAP SURA joined as a signatory to the UN Responsible Investment Principles

AFAP SURA joined as a signatory to the UN Responsible Investment Principles

With the aim of offering the best investment options to its clients, AFAP SURA adhered as a signatory to the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI), an initiative supported by the United Nations (UN), thus consolidating its commitment to sustainability and accountability in the management of SURA Asset Management pension funds.

As the world's leading promoter of responsible investment, the PRI encourage fund managers to commit to addressing social and environmental responsibility and governance (ESG) issues based on its important principles, which focus on incorporating ESG into analysis and decision-making processes when investing, also imbedding them into corporate practices and policies, and offering transparent disclosure about the entities chosen for investment. 

Thus, AFAP SURA incorporates the PRI principles, promoting the inclusion of ESG issues in investment evaluation and decision-making processes, as well as in the management of customer savings.

“This implies that before investing we must take a look at the potential impact of this investment, for example, on the environment, climate change or resource depletion. At the social level, we assess the inclusion of communities, working conditions and diversity, as well as health and safety, whereas at the corporate governance level, we focus on issues related to the structure and diversity of the boards of directors, top management compensation and corruption prevention policies,” explained Santiago Hernández, Head of Investment at AFAP SURA. 

In this sense, it aims to achieve the best investment based on these principles, informing clients about the advances achieved from these new alternatives for their savings. 

“We participate in this initiative as part of our commitment to responsible investment, which is an essential part of our business principles. In this sense, through these novel investment management processes, we seek to contribute to sustainability and the construction of a better society,” Hernandez said. 

The PRI initiative is currently endorsed by more than 3,600 signatories, including investors and managers responsible for administrating about US$103 trillion in assets. More than 70 of those signatories are based in Latin America (ex–Brazil). 

SURA Asset Management is a leader in pension management in Latin America through its companies in Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay and El Salvador. As one of the leading pension fund managers in Latin America, SURA Asset Management becomes a relevant partner of the PRIs in the region, promoting responsible investment practices. 

Hernandez noted that the incorporation of ESG components reflect AFAP SURA's commitment to its clients and a long-term look; this contributes to building the true corporate trust and strength that make AFAP SURA stand out with its pension fund management.