SURA Asset Management and Proteccion have launched a new SME Support Plan in Colombia

•    Convinced of the need to build Possible Futures together, SURA Asset Management and Proteccion, with the help of Créame and Finaktiva, have drawn up a new support plan aimed at driving the revival of the country’s economy and more particularly preserving jobs. 
•    As part of this plan, that represents almost COP 1,800 million in support for small businesses, SURA Asset Management has formed an alliance to which Proteccion has joined up bringing to bear its institutional support. 

Protection marks a momentous milestone in transforming your investment process with an emphasis on sustainability

  • As of July 1, the U.S. Shares and International Shares portfolios, of the Protection’s Voluntary Pensions Fund are transformed to invest primarily in assets involving environmental, social and corporate governance principles.

SURA Investment Management shall be deploying a newly established investment vehicle in Europe for the purpose of being able to distribute financial products on a global scale

•    The start-up of this new firm is subject to obtaining due authorization from the respective authorities in both Colombia and Luxembourg.
•    The Company is gradually becoming a major player within its respective industry, since it is one of the few Latin American Asset Managers that has been granted this type of license.

Corporate Presentation

SURA Investment Management and Credicorp Capital Asset Management launched a new infrastructure investment fund for Latin America

•    This equity fund, worth USD 86.5 million, shall be specifically focused on the Pacific Alliance countries, namely Colombia, Peru, Chile and Mexico. 
•    The main infrastructure sub-sectors on which the fund shall be focusing on have to do with the main Transport sector, that is to say ports, airports, roads, transport systems and both self-generated and renewable energy.

AFP Capital to reduce distribution of dividends to legal minimum

• At its Shareholders' meeting, AFP Capital's Board proposed to decrease dividends and pay the 30% legal minimum, which implies a 45% reduction in the annual dividends to be distributed.

At the Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting held today, and given the situation of uncertainty derived from the Covid-19 pandemic, AFP Capital approved to pay shareholders the legal minimum of 30% out of the liquid profits obtained in 2019.

Investment experts discussed what to expect for the real estate market in 2020

• The presentations addressed the perspective by institutional investors and how they will begin a long process of investing in alternative assets, a vision regarding the different types of real estate assets in Chile, and the perspective of real estate as an investment asset and complement to a portfolio of traditional assets.

AFP Capital managed that 70% of its pensioners could receive their pension through their bank accounts

In order to support its pensioners' care given the health emergency, AFP Capital reinforced its actions intended to encourage the electronic payment method by inviting its clients through different channels such as telephone calls, SMS messages, website, mails and the virtual assistant to opt for this pension payment method.
Consequently, during this last week, AFP Capital has increased 20 times the number of people who opted for this monthly payment method.

Vittorio Corbo: "90% of countries would have a drop in their 2020 GDP"

• In streaming organized by SURA Inversiones, the former president of the Central Bank analyzed the effects that Covid-19 has had on the economy at a global and local level. Additionally, he shared a vision regarding what to expect for the coming months in our country.

SURA Inversiones launches new Spotify channel

• Followers of Inversiones SURA CL on Spotify will have access to daily and weekly market analysis and investment advice from the Advisory and Strategy areas of SURA Inversiones, an expert in savings and investments.

Given markets' current high volatility and uncertainty, timely information is key; especially if it comes from experts. In order to bring people closer to what is currently happening with global and local markets, SURA Inversiones created a new communication channel through Spotify.