SURA Asset Management brings Latin American voices together to think about the future

SURA Asset Management brings Latin American voices together to think about the future

Seeking to trigger inspiring conversations inviting us to imagine better futures for our region and to discuss how to build them, SURA Asset Management will conduct a cycle of meetings called “Futuro a Voces”, in which prominent Latin American figures from various disciplines, such as art, culture, science and technology, will share their stories and reflect on the possibility of working together to face current challenges.

his initiative is part of the “Possible Futures” campaign, which the company is promoting to talk, co-create and reflect on the challenges and possible scenarios facing the region and the impact citizens may have in the transformation of reality.

“We believe that talking about the future, what we want and the concerns we have, helps us as we address uncertainty and prepare for change, especially at times like this. Surely the voices and reflections generated in this initiative will reflect the thoughts, questions and ideas of many other Latin Americans,” said Ignacio Calle, CEO of SURA Asset Management.

The series will consist of at least six meetings, scheduled every 15 days. At each event, the new Latin American voice featured will share what they do today to build the future. Their stories will be broadcast in various formats, such as podcast, animation or video, and will be the point of departure of a talk with other people from Latin America. 

The first voice that will inaugurate the series will be presented on Thursday, June 25; the conductor of the Mexican orchestra, Alondra de la Parra, will talk about “Path-Opening Leadership”.

De la Parra is founder and artistic director of the New York-based Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas and is a Cultural Ambassador for Tourism in Mexico. Through scholarships and educational programs, the Orchestra of the Americas was founded to promote the participation of children and young Latin American musicians and composers and to provide them with opportunities.

The activity scheduled for Thursday, July 2 - “Cooking, collective creation and land” - will feature the renowned Colombian cook Leonor Espinosa, who has managed to merge tradition, memory and creativity all along her career.

Espinosa reclaims the popular and indigenous sides of Colombian flavors, combining contemporary art with field research, an anthropological vision and geographical immersion in the different spots of the country.

On Thursday, July 16, on the other hand, the meeting will consist of a podcast “Music and Public Health as Mobilizers” led by the musician and professor of New York University, Venezuelan Carlos Chirinos.

Chirinos is widely renowned for developing the “Africa stop Ebola” campaign, which seeks to engage communities in the prevention and control of potential or existing diseases through music and culture.

Barbarita Lara, the Chilean acknowledged in MIT’s list of Innovators is scheduled for Thursday, July 30 to discuss “Innovation at the service of citizenship”.

Lara has developed a natural disaster texting system that does not require internet connection or data; she is currently developing insulating capsules for COVID-19 patients.
On Thursday, August 13, the meeting will feature the Salvadoran actress and theater director Egly Larreynaga.

On this occasion, the guest will refer to “Art and Social Vision”, a theme that has fueled her career and that she addresses at the workshops attended by people from different communities or sectors of a violent and inequality-ridden society.

On Thursday, September 10, the guest will be with the renowned Argentine cartoonist, Ricardo Siri Liniers, who will talk about “Drawing and humor as a defense mechanism”.
Liniers will reflect on how his immensely popular columns in newspapers such as El País (Madrid) or La Nación (Argentina), books and social networks, have managed to put key themes on the table, sparking discussions around those contents.

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